LX-350 vs LQ-350 Epson Dot matrix printer | Technology review

LX-350 vs LQ-350 dot matrix printers from Epson

Presenting two maybe most used dot matrix printers from Epson, if we talk about office printing on using continuous paper with multi-part stationery.

Epson LX-350 and LQ-350, they both do the job but there are some differences between these models.

Epson LQ-350 quick review

This model is very economical, using just about 1.3W in sleep mode and 23W while powered. LQ-350 is qualified by ENERGY STAR for its excellent energy efficiency. It runs smoothly with older computers, as well as new ones. To connect it with a PC you can use either USB port, Serial or LPT1 (Parallel port).

Epson LQ-350
  • Epson LQ-350 is using Impact dot matrix printing technology, with 24 pins (needles).
  • Printing speed in LQ mode is 10 cpi or 86 chars/s.
  • Carbon copies: 3 plus one original with 360×180 dpi.
  • This model has interfaces to connect: USB 2.0 Type B, Bidirectional Parallel.
  • LQ-350 can do printing jobs on Single sheet, Continuous paper, Usual paper.

Drivers supporting Operating System: MS Windows 2000, MS Windows 7, MS Windows 8, MS Windows Vista and MS Windows XP. It is not officially confirmed, but it is good to know that Windows 7 drivers are working on the newest MS Windows 10.

Epson LX-350 quick review

Just like the model above, Epson LX-350 has qualified by ENERGY STAR for its excellent energy efficiency. This model is cheaper than LQ-350, and it is made to save your money throug his working period. While the printer is in sleep mode, it uses only 1.1W and 27W when it is powered on. Epson LX-350 is easy to integrate, and it comes with Parallel, Serial and USB interfaces.

Epson LX-350

Physically LX-350 looks just like LQ-350, and it has a compact design just like the Epson printer we mentioned earlier.

  • Epson LX-350 is using Impact dot matrix printing technology, with 9 pins (needles).
  • Printing speed in NLQ (LQ equivalent) mode is 10 cpi or 65 chars/s.
  • Carbon copies: 4 plus one original with 240×144 dpi.
  • Connectivity interfaces: Bidirectional parallel, USB 2.0 Type B, RS-232.
  • LX-350 supports printing on Single sheet, Continuous paper, Usual paper.

Supported Operating Systems: You can download drivers for Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP. This model also can work with MS Windows 10 if you are using the original Windows 7 driver package from the official Epson site.

LX-350 vs LQ-350

Both Epson printers are good, and do an excellent job in office printing. These are Dot matrix printers using ribbon, and they have special purpose. If you are looking for a good Dot matrix printer, consider one of these.

LQ-350 is a bit more expensive in the beginning, but cost effective and with a greater printing speed this model can save your money in the long run. LX-350 has 9 pin printing head, much less than LQ-350 with 24-pin printing head. Now, this is not something to worry about, but if you need a Dot matrix printer for a lot of work, speed difference can be a deciding factor. Consider the LQ model if you have a lot of Single sheet or Continuous paper printing. If not, then LX-350 is a good choice.

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