Not many people search for electric fences, but those who are looking for them want to know: what is the best electric fence, what wire types are in use, best electric fence for cattle or best electric fence for dogs.

Let’s take a quick review and find some answers

Most manufacturers use high-tensile wire either galvanized steel or aluminum. Both wires are strong and selfsustain. Low maintenance and hard wearing make these wires a great choice for electric fences.

Galvanized steel is an economic solution, and it is mostly used to carry an electric charge to long distances. Using electric fences is a convenient and pretty much cost effective way to contain livestock, or even keeping away wild animals. Aluminum wires are up to four times better conductor than galvanized steel. It is good to evaluate your needs and expenses, to be economic in the long run.

electric fence cattle and dogs

Best wire for electric fence

Different wire materials have different properties. It depends on the purpose of fence installation, to choose the best wire type.

Steel wire fence

  • Steel can last as much as fence last
  • Carry a charge to long distance with minimal loss
  • Any type of charger can fit

Aluminum wire fence

  • Relative long lasting
  • Conduct electrical charge stronger than steel
  • Very flexible material and easy to work with

High tensile wire fence

  • Good way to keep predators out even without electrical charge
  • Realtive long lasting
  • Quite effective when electrified

Best Poly fencing options

These are the different wire types. Poly is formed of polymer tape and wires inside. This way the fence is visible, strong and electrified. Animals can see their space and boundaries much better than using just single wire.

Polywire fence

  • Great visibility for animals
  • Easy to reuse if needed

Polyrope fence

  • Quite stronger than poly wire fence
  • Mostly produced in ¼ inch diameter

Polytape fence

  • Highly visible for animals and humans
  • Mostly used for horse fencing outdoor space
  • Weare and tear resistance
  • Tape produced in between ½ inch to 2 inch wide

The best electric fence charger

To choose an electric fence charger (generator) you have to know your fencing needs. Fence chargers provide the source of the electric current, running electricity through the chosen wire fence.

Fence chargers, known as generators or energizers, have to provide enough energy through the whole fence installation.

Needs you must consider (to calculate) are four main factors: length of the fence, number of wires, power source, type of animal being contained or excluded.

To choose right fence charger consider the following

How to power your fence charger? The Most recommended and reliable choice is an AC powered charger. To operate in a remote area, consider using a DC or solar powered fence charger. Keep in mind that solar fence chargers operate like DC, it charges batteries using solar panels.

If using steel wire fence find appropriate high impedance fence controller. Same rules apply if using aluminum wire fences. On the other hand, for using polywire, rope or tape, find an appropriate low impedance fence controller.